About Us

Brigcon Construction Services is a family-owned business founded in 2005, offering quality construction services in Florida.

Brigcon Construction Services was founded by Vernon Williams with the core values of team professionalism and quality construction services with excellent customer care and integrity in Florida.

Since the launch of our original company, Brigcon Consulting Services, which successfully provided construction management services and consultation for residential and commercial clients, we have broken new grounds as Brigcon Construction Services (d.b.a) providing more market opportunities to expand into the Florida industries. We have done this through general construction contracting services, drywall contracting services and home construction services.

Brigcon Construction Services offers clients one-on-one attention with experienced managers, field supervisors and administrative staff with over 35 years of experience. At Brigcon, we perform quality services for each client we service, no matter what the size of the project.

We are proud of our reputation of completing cost-effective projects. We carefully analyze every element of a project before it begins. Brigcon Construction Services gives its clients' peace of mind. At Brigcon we will work closely with you through every step of the construction process.