Other Services

Below is a list of other services we provide:
  • Heavy Duty Towing: The service of large trucks and heavy equipment.

  • Auto Body Repair: LA Towing has partnerships with certified auto-body and repair companies, have all your services met within one phone call.

  • Tire Changes: We will either change your tire with your spare or we will tow your car.

  • Boat Recovery: We handle the recovery of boats that are in a position where they cannot move themselves out of the present location - for any multitude of reasons.

  • Travel trailer: We also recover or haul travel trailer over 28 feet.

  • Junk cars: Free pick-up and removal, we also pay top dollar for your rebuildable cars.

  • Can't Drive: If you are under the influence of alcohol and can't drive home we pick you up as well as your vehicle and take you home safely for $50 anywhere in Broward County.